Wow. I never knew. Thanks for sharing this. I feel your anger and pain at being stolen from. Edison and Tesla an exact analogy. This is the way of our world... the incessant greed for more, the Right of Domination, the segregation of the power elite and the people, the mind parasite we see manifesting all around us, the Covid death cult, the nanotech jabs, the sheer deception everywhere....

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"Freescale semiconductor (Jacob Rothschild). " Interesting to note that MH370 was flying a group of Freescale Engineers back to China ...... and there was a larger than normal cargo allowance on that night - so much so that Malaysian did not sell some passenger seats in order to 'up' the cargo capacity. The manifest for the flight that night has never been 'released'. Lotta Freescale Engineers returning to China following a critical breakthrough in Freescale chip technology.... I think this deserves a deep dig, don't you?

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Good article Fritz, sorry to hear how you had your patent stolen by the big boys. It goes on all the time and those with the most money always win.

The patent laws do not protect an individual or small business because you need significant resources to fight any legal battle.

I've seen small buinesses with good resoures nearly bankrupted by a big corporate. In the end the small business agree to payoff the corporation to prevent going broke even though they were 100% legally right.

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All energy which becomes available for our use comes from the loss of energy in some process which decreases the energy level of one or more things. Entropy. We need to find things at relatively high potential energy levels and reduce those energy levels, extracting some of the energy loss for work we want done. Burning coal, oil and gas does that well So does burning wood. When we separate hydrogen and oxygen it takes more energy than we can get from putting them back together. All battery-storage loses energy in the round trip from storage to use. Better systems lose less. Flywheels are expensive, but pretty efficient, within their limits.

There is no free-lunch, and I don't think "we" could be trusted with it, if there was.

I'll point out nuclear-energy as an example. Bombs were the first "practical" demonstration.

I don't think we can be trusted with "zero-point-energy" for instance.

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This is brilliant stuff, friend. Musk, Trump, all of them are frauds. Controlled opposition. I pray Jesus Christ will help get your technology and word out to masses. Godspeed

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I really enjoy your articles, they are inspirational.

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Hello there FF here...

I tried this morning to lock into my substack account but it seems I been locked out.

I can't get into it.

After what i told you yesterday it really seems they are coming to get me.

This is really disturbing...

It seems that I cannot lock into my substack account.

Meaning they disabled me.

Meaning I have actually triggered something.

Now why would substack do this I don't know

What do you think?

I don't know how deep this goes but it seems this goes really dark.

I had some phishing emails and they know precisely what I am about...

And I had some devious phone calls.

Substack disabled me.


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Freud? Gives me pause.

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Comment deleted
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